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Notable Cases


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R v S - County Lines drugs and human trafficking

R v K - Turkish gangland killing

R v O - Murder (Local Press report i and ii)

R v E - Murder

R v S - Murder

R v H - Murder

R v M - Murder

R v L - Murder

R v G - Money laundering

R v L - County Lines Drugs

R v B - gangland shooting.

R v W - Hells Angels case 

R v K - money laundering 

R v T - county lines drugs

R v K - county lines drugs

R v B - assisting an offender after a shooting

R v A - rape

R v W - firearms

R v C - lockdown protests

R v E - Gang related stabbing

R v M - stranger rape

R v A - terrorism

R v B - s.18

R v D - antiques dealer cleared of conspiracy to burgle

R v C - elderly lady causes serious injury by dangerous driving

R v N - series of armed robberies

R v B - death by careless driving

R v P - historic sexual abuse by school teacher

R v Q - man accused of assisting wife killer cleared

R v C - historic familial sex abuse

R v J - man acquitted of causing death by careless driving

R v M - man acquitted of causing serious injury by dangerous driving

R v C - the first slavery, servitude and forced labour trial this country has seen for over 200 years.

R v E - multi million pound conspiracy to cheat the revenue.

R v W - multi faceted, complex fraud case.

R v S - historic sexual abuse case

R v C - Bristol Slavery Case

R V B - murder trial of man who killed his wife.

R v S - Murder

R v W (Chichester Crown Court) Train derailment. Endangering Lives of railway passengers.

R v C (Lewes Crown Court) Junior counsel in the murder trial of C. Case involving asphyxial sex, internet sites depicting violent sexual images. The case has since been to the Court of Appeal and the House of Lords. Additionally, several years on the case is still attracting wide publicity as the mother of the deceased is increasing her momentum in her campaign to make illegal the accessing of internet sites depicting violent sexual activity.

R v S & S (Maidstone Crown Court) – successful defence of leader of the Sussex Muslim Society (also a magistrate) and his wife on charges involving benefit fraud. The case invoilved complex issues of charity law.

R v DPP [2005] Divisional Court case relating to the administering of cautions and what constitutes an interview.

R (On the Application of L-S) v Chichester Crown Court (2004) reported in The Times October 15th 2004. Successful judicial review of Crown Court’s decision to increase the sentence imposed by the magistrates.

R v H – Court of Appeal November 2004. One of the first cases in a long line on ASBOs.

R v (on the application of C) Brighton Youth Court (2003) – successful judicial review of magistrates decision to commit under the grave crimes procedure.

R v H (Times 23rd January 2007) - successful appeal on contempt of court.


R v S (2012) - Junior Counsel in cut throat murder trial involving the street drinking community.

R v B (2012) - Junior Counsel in murder trial of the wife of a Polish national involving issues of 'morbid delusional jealousy'.

R v R (2012) - Large scale art fraud conspiracy.

R v E (2012) - Junior Counsel in multiple rape allegations one of which resulted in the death of one of the 'victims'.

R v TC (2012) - Slavery.

R v BC (2012) - Slavery.

R v W (2011) - successful defence of 13 year old boy accused of raping his 7 year old sister.

R v M (2011) - Lapland UK - drafted in specifically to represent one of the defendants at his sentence hearing.

R v C (2011) - Junior Counsel in successful defence of head of Irish travelling family accused of conspiracy to defraud.

R v G (2011) - Junior Counsel in successful defence of man accused of murdering his girlfriend by way of heroin injection.

R v BC (2011) - Junior Counsel in first case of 'slavery' in over 200 years in the UK.

R v E (2011) Historic marital rape.

R v D (2010) - Junior Counsel in the case of a paranoid schizophrenic who stabbed his former neighbour to death.

R v C - successful defence of man charged with historic 'stranger rape' allegation.

R v S (2010) - Junior Counsel in Polish Murder Case.

R v S (2010) - Junior Counsel in murder trial of man charged with killing his mother in law to whom he was previously married - acquitted.

R v B - (2010) man charged with rape of a 15 year old girl. He had previously been convicted of raping an elderly lady in her 90's. - acquitted.

R v C - (2010) 70 year old lady charged with causing death by careless driving.

R v L - (2009) - former England all round cricketer and personality on drug importation charges.

R v W - (2008)- 81 year old lady charged with careless driving resulting in the death of an 86 year old pedestrian.

R v C - (2008) - Junior Counsel in mercy killing case.

R v C - Junior Counsel in the case of a man charged with murder of special needs music teacher during asphyxial sex. The case involved detailed examination of websites and images viewed by the defendant both following the murder and prior to the disposal of the body, which was kept in storage for several weeks. Detailed forensic examination of the defendant's computer was carried out which required counsel to have an in depth understanding of the mechanisms and workings of computers.

R v S - (2008) London Terrorist Bombings Case.

R v H - (2007) - hunt saboteur case.

R v S - defended a well known Imam and magistrate in a benefit fraud case requiring detailed examination of thousands of documents. Case required sensitivity in dealing with defendants with language and cultural barriers.

R v W - defended man charged with attempted murder. The case involved a complicated three-way homosexual love triangle.

R v S - defended elderly man charged with historic sexual abuse on three different boys. Case required very sensitive and delicate but effective cross-examination.

R v C - defended man charged with 'stalking' a well-known celebrity. Case involved intense media interest.

R v W - case involved representing a man charged with 'derailing' a train on a private level crossing. Once again extensive media interest as well as detailed expert examination.

Reported cases - Court of Appeal and Divisional Court including:

R v B (succesful appeal against life sentence)

R v H (contempt of court)


R v Chichester Crown Court ex parte L-S (increasing sentence on appeal from magistrates court to the Crown Court)

R v DPP (when a caution is required)

R v Brighton Youth Court ex parte C ('grave crime' argument)

R v C & Others - [2013] All ER (D) 55 (Apr)

R v V & Another [2009] All ER (D) 153 (Nov)

R v E - [2007] All ER (D) 30 (Sep)